Learn The Facts About Collaborative Divorce

A Cost-Effective, Less Contentious Way To Divorce

Far too often, divorce is an adversarial process. Many people in California and around the country — perhaps around the world — are conditioned to expect that they will have to go to battle when they file, or respond to a filing, for divorce. But this doesn't have to be the case.

Increasingly, a number of California couples are opting for collaborative divorce. This method takes a hands-on approach to coming to an agreement, enlisting trained professionals in family law, as well as other experts in related fields, to help a couple to avoid litigation in their divorce case. Attorney Marion E. Froehlich is trained in collaborative law, and has seen its positive effect on many clients.

Don't Add To The Stress Of The Situation

Any divorce is stressful, regardless of the manner in which it plays out. Collaborative law works to eliminate some of that stress by taking litigation off the table in favor of a binding agreement between the parties.

Aside from reducing stress, collaborative law often ends up being more cost-effective and leads to a greater level of satisfaction from individuals about the process as a whole.

In the collaborative law setting, each party meets separately with his or her own attorney trained in collaborative law. Then everyone — the spouses and their respective attorneys — gets together in an informal, interactive process.

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