A Good Alternative To Court

Work Out Your Problems Through Discussion

As with other alternatives to court — such as collaborative law or arbitration — mediation is a non adversarial method of coming to a divorce agreement without going to court. Mediation can be used in a wide range of disputes, not all of which are related to family law, if the parties agree.

At the Law Offices of Marion E. Froehlich, we often recommend mediation to our clients as a way to resolve their family law disputes in a creative manner with a minimum of discord. Divorce mediation makes it possible for the parties to customize their settlement — something that is not possible in court. Lawyers such as Ms. Froehlich who perform mediation as part of their practice understand the benefits to their clients and to the legal process as a whole.

Co-Mediation Could Be Your Answer

While traditional mediation involves a single mediator, co-mediation involves two mediators. Each party in the divorce case selects a mediator; the two mediators then work together throughout the case. In co-mediation, teams of mediators use their respective strengths to help their clients reach a solution. This can help move the process along faster and further promotes a collaborative atmosphere.

In Vista and throughout the greater San Diego metropolitan area, attorney Marion E. Froehlich and her legal team represent people who seek a collaborative, consultative solution to divorce. We are eager to talk with prospective clients. Call our offices to schedule an appointment or contact us online. Reach us by email or call toll free at 800-401-6217 or 760-659-3548.